Understanding Before Action

Before we seriously consider any attack on Iran because of its nuclear obduracy, official Washington should at least understand the nature of the nation and the regime we will be attacking. Statements by high Amerian officials and political commentators are hardly reassuring. As an example, in this
election season, the candidates repeatedly made the mistake of referring to President Ahmadinejad as a “dictator”, without suffering correction. He is, in fact, an elected leader who serves under a Head of
State within a complex system of checks and balances. Ahmadinejad’s policies have been under heavy criticism within Iran. It is quite likely he will be replaced in a election scheduled for 2009.

In large part, we were drawn into our debacle in Iraq because of widespread ignorance in Washington of the nature of the country whose leadsership we would replace. Let us hope that we will not once again be drawn into a bloody venture against a background of equally faulty information.


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