American Interference in Iran

In the latest New Yorker, Seymour Hersh continues his expose of American attemopts to back insurgent groups in Iran. It is a little unclear just how much information he has. But we can conclude that Special Forces, CIA, and other clandestine American groups have been in touch with Kurdish, Arab, and Baluchi organizations, as well as, strangely, the Mujhedin-e-Khalq, an organization I thought we had sequestered in Iraq (and long considered a “terrorist organization”).

The hypocrisy and foolishness of these initiatives cannot be overestimated. We are, in effect, sponsoring terrorism, defined I suppose as “good-guy terrorism”, a form that has not been explained to the American public. We are supposedly doing it so as we might destabilize the present Iranian regime. Yet as Hersh points out, these are small groups, and in the eyes of Iranians of most persuasions, illegitimate. The Kurdish movement might be an exception, but unfortunately this is unlikely. Our efforts might be compared with an attempt to support a Tibetan insurgency in the hope that it might cause a change in Beijing.

The other supposed objective is simply to stir up trouble that will eventuate in a war between the United States and Iran. This objective is ascribed as usual to the Cheney people and the neocons. In any event, the whole effort is an example of how to win friends and influence people in an area in which leaders remain persistently ignorant.


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